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Traditional Korean medicine commonly consists of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and physical therapy. At Jaseng, two additional methods which were further enhanced by the founder are used: Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT) and Chuna Manipulation. These treatments are used for spinal, bone and joint conditions as well as internal disorders. Jaseng integrates traditional Korean methods with Western techniques such as state-of-the-art diagnosis using digital X-rays, MRIs and CT scans.

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Video - Learn More About Korean Eastern TreatmentsLearn More About Korean Eastern Treatments

Dr. Joon-shik Shin and other experts explain the importance of the spine, and the damage we can incur on it through bad posture.

Video - Treatment for Acute Cases: Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT)Treatment for Acute Cases: Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT)

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Video - Treatment: Chuna ManipulationTreatment: Chuna Manipulation

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Acupuncture improves the flow of blood circulation allowing oxygen, blood and lymph to support the body’s healing process by applying finely gauged, sterilized, one-time use stainless steel needles. It also helps in reviving damaged nerves, muscles and ligaments.

Usually it is necessary to receive treatment once or twice a week, but it depends on the individual. Many conditions can be alleviated very rapidly by acupuncture combined with other therapies such as Chuna manipulation, herbal medication, etc. Chronic illnesses may require treatment for several weeks or longer.
Acute problems generally have a quicker response. As in any form of medical care, the patient’s attitude, diet, determination and lifestyle will affect the outcome and course of the treatment.

Acupuncture is based on the theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements. Health is seen as a balance between two opposing forces called yin and yang within the body. An unbalance of these is considered to result in ill-health. This imbalance also causes disruption in the flow of ‘Qi’ or ‘vital energy’ along pathways in the body known as ‘meridians’. Acupuncture involves stimulation of points along these meridians. This is done commonly by the insertion of needles into these points which are then manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation. They can also be stimulated by moxibustion, pressure, heat and laser light. This restores the balance between yin and yang, corrects the flow of ‘Qi’ along the meridians and restores health to the body and mind.


Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT) is highly effective for treating acute musculoskeletal dysfunctions by simultaneously stimulating the acupuncture points and encouraging the patient to move about.

This technique regulates the function of blood vessels by vitalizing the blood stream and Qi. It was further developed and embodied as a cutting-edge acupuncture theory by Dr. Shin, the founder of Jaseng, in 1990.

Jaseng MSAT is similar to traditional acupuncture in that needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points, but it is new in that it requires a part of the patient’s body to be in motion. MSAT controls pain by releasing muscle tension through the patient’s own movement while the needles are still inserted in the acupuncture points.

MSAT consists of Jaseng MSA (motion style acupuncture), a form of acupuncture treatment, and Chuna, a Korean adaptation of spinal manipulation. Jaseng MSA is the key element in Jaseng MSAT, and Chuna may or may not be applied depending on the physiopathologic properties of the current condition. For example, in cases of acute back pain where pain and limitation of mobility is severe, application of Chuna before Jaseng MSA is recommended, whereas in frozen shoulder patients Jaseng MSA is used independent of Chuna.

Jaseng MSAT covers a wide range of applications, from first-aid treatment for patients suffering from intense pain of acute musculoskeletal origin to various spinal and joint sprains, temporomandibular joint syndrome, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), gonarthritis, and intervertebral disc herniation.

Bee Venom Acupuncture

Bee Venom Therapy is a technique where harvested bee venom is injected just under the skin to imitate the effect of an actual bee sting. However it is delivered in a much more accurate manner regarding the site of injection – and in a more potent, precise, and “standardized dose.”

It has been proven highly effective for relieving inflammation, back pain, and strengthening the body’s immune system. There is some discomfort associated with the therapy such as redness, pain, swelling and inflammation at the site of injection. These are actually desired effects and seem to be proportionate to the speed of recovery, because the greater the local reaction, the faster the clinical response.

Jaseng published a thesis that reveals the mechanism and the effect of bee venom in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in May 2005.

Herbal Acupuncture

Herbal Acupuncture Therapy utilizes the injection of medicinal herbal extracts into acupuncture points to prevent or treat diseases. It combines the actions of acupuncture with the pharmacological effect of oriental medicinal herbs. This therapy may be used for all diseases which are suitable for acupuncture treatment. Pharmacopuncture is used specifically for symptoms of pain in the lower back and leg, pain in the joints, and several chronic diseases.


Jaseng MoxibustionMoxibustion is performed by burning small cones of dried leaves and wormwood on certain points of the body, generally around the same points as those used in acupuncture.

Chuna Manipulation

“CHU” means to push and “NA” means to pull. It is a treatment which opens up a joint fixation and releases muscle spasms without exerting too much pressure on a patient’s body. Chuna Therapy is not abrasive like chiropractics.
It helps to restore self-healing mechanisms of the body by restoring Qi & blood circulation. This is a unique technique developed and practiced exclusively at Jaseng Center.

The patient is laid on a specially designed Chuna bed and the professionally trained practitioner manipulates a patient’s misaligned joint and spine.
By realigning the bones and joints, and correcting the spinal curve, patients suffering from spinal diseases can see much benefit from Chuna, not only pain relief, but also better blood circulation, stress relief, etc. Chuna therapy usually goes along with acupuncture or herbal medication.

Herbal Medicine

Jaseng Chuna MedicineThe main concept of Jaseng medication for bone and joint disorders is that individually prescribed herbal medicine cures diseases by finding the root cause of the symptoms. For bone and joint disorders, in many cases the cause of pain comes from extravagated blood and congestion inside the body.
Jaseng medicine removes inflammation with impurities, supplements the Chi-body energy and strengthens muscles, ligaments, and bones.For spinal disorders, there are three kinds of herb regimen:

Anti-inflammatory / Nerve-reviving:
The severe pain caused by spine disorders usually originates from inflammation around the nerves descending from the spine to the lower extremities. Herbal medicine decreases the inflammation around the nerves and reduces pain while repairing the surrounding soft tissues.

Muscle strengthening:
Weakened muscles and ligaments of the back are one of the main reasons for the recurrence of spinal disorders. Herbal medicine lowers the risk of having recurrence by strengthening the muscles and the ligaments.

Bone protecting:
Herbal medicine strengthens bones and stops the spinal disorder from reaggravating and slows down the bone degeneration process.

Jaseng Chuna Medicine Quality ControlHighest Quality Herbs Solely Approved by GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)

Jaseng’s effective treatments begin with high quality herbal ingredients. Jaseng only uses pure Korean herbal ingredients which have the G.A.P. government quality certification, and imported ingredients which have been inspected for the highest quality by firsthand visits to the processing sites. The medicines undergo a 2-step inspection where they are inspected both as raw ingredients and as prepared herbal medicines to insure the safety of both the ingredients and the medicines. Collaboratively conducted research with Seoul National University Natural Research Institute, U.C. Irvine, and Harvard Medical School Osher Institute prove its scientific effectiveness.

Physical Therapy

Jaseng Radiofrequency Therapy Radiofrequency Therapy Infiltrates high frequency to deep muscles and joints, relieving the pain rapidly. It doesn’t stimulate the nerves nor contracts the muscles making it safe and effective for severe pain.
Jaseng Ultrasound Therapy Ultrasound Therapy Therapeutic ultrasound uses heated sound waves and applies the energy to soft tissues and joints. The fast-moving waves essentially massage soft tissues effortlessly, and in most cases, painlessly.
Jaseng Electric Stimulation Therapy Electric Stimulation Therapy Electric muscle stimulation is a therapeutic modality that is used in pain management.
It is used to treat tendons and ligaments as well as muscles, deep joints and viscera.
It has been clinically proven to increase muscle tone and blood flow.
Jaseng Herbal Fomentation Therapy Herbal Fomentation Therapy Herbal fomentation therapy as thermotherapy, foments the affected areas using about 20 different herbs which are effective for pain diminution.
The heat and the medicinal properties of the herbs relieve the pain and help the patient recover rapidly.
Jaseng Paraffin Therapy Paraffin Therapy This physiotherapy is dip the affected areas into warm paraffin liquid and cool down.
The warm paraffin constantly transfers the heat to affected areas, elevates the blood circulation and relieves pain.
It’s effective for finger, wrist arthritis and so on.

Excercise Therapy

Jaseng Exercise TherapyExercise Therapy

The Exercise Center provides patients with a personal 1-on-1 experience with an exercise therapist. A personalized therapy program is created and practiced for patients with spine and joint problems. This helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments and also prevents relapse.